The American Institute of Architects Richmond was founded in 1976.


Join AIA Richmond and enjoy its many benefits:

  1. Brand Identity. Most people identify an architect by these three letters – AIA. Not only does it indicate that you are an architect, but for the more enlightened, indicates that you’ve met a level of professional competence, and they’ll be getting a quality product when hiring you.
  2. Networking. Our events provide great opportunities to meet other professionals within the industry, such as other architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors, vendors, code officials, and real estate professionals. Woody Allen is often quoted as saying “80% of success is showing up!”
  3. Advocate. The AIA is constantly working for its membership to ensure that the profession is involved in Government and Community affairs that affect decisions on development, growth and safety. Become an AIA member and instantly expand your support network by almost 80,000 colleagues—a valuable professional resource to draw upon, and a powerful, collective voice to advocate for a stronger economic climate for architects nationwide.
  4. Education / Enhancing Skills. The AIA provides continuing education opportunities for members to assist in developing skills and maintaining the high level of knowledge and competence. Intern members are offered training sessions to help prepare for the licensure exams. The connections made give a chance to compare notes, discuss best practices, and prepare for the future.
  5. Pay It Forward. Involvement of seasoned professionals is important as a way to continue to bring along the next generation. Everyone has benefited from the experience and mentorship of those who have come before, and our members recognize the value of the emerging professionals.

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