Chris Anton


Hi, I’m Chris Anton and I am the sole photographer and creator of AiRVA. I created AiRVA to provide unique photographs and art showcasing urban areas and landscapes from above. I want people to see things and places they recognize from a new perspective. I hope people pause when viewing my photos before realizing it’s something they’ve seen before just presented differently. AirRVA is primarily operated in Richmond, Virginia and utilizes professional grade drone technology and editing software.

I discovered a passion for drone photography in recent years. I was drawn to it because of my love for technology as well as my interest in art and photography, particularly computer graphics. I grew up flying RC helicopters and other remote controlled devices because I always found them fun as well as impressive in design. When I went on to study Computer Engineering at UVA, I got more exposure to robotics and other technologies, including drones and their applications.

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